Our Raise and Lower Ground box is extremely robust and durable, with a rating of IP68, it’s ideal in situations where a power supply is required on an occasional basis but a Feeder Pillar is not really needed/wanted, or where it may spoil the aesthetics of an area. Fully customisable, they can be blended into most surfaces or can have an Aluminium Chequer Plate cover.

• Above ground dimensions of 470mm high x 350mm deep x 380mm wide, providing a small, compact power source.

• Floor plan dimensions of 350mm deep x 700mm wide x 800mm high

• In Ground Height 800mm

• Galvanised & Stainless Steel construction providing durability and anti-corrosion properties

• Available with infill tray or Aluminium Chequer Plate top

• Lockable closed and open

• Various socket options available, 16A & 32A single phase, please specify

Please email info@fisherandcompany.co.uk for data sheet.


Manufactured in Somerset, UK