Belisha Beacons and Feeder Pillars

Fisher & Company ™ designs and manufactures Belisha Beacons, Electrical Feeder Pillars, Solar Belisha Beacons, Enclosures, Column Brackets and a host of accessories and other related equipment to the Street Lighting and Highways industry from our factory in Somerset, England since established in 1982.

We work closely with local authorities, contractors, wholesalers and electrical engineers to deliver products that meet rigid specifications for longevity while maintaining an economical price. Our flexible approach to manufacturing enables us to produce bespoke products for almost any application and environment from Aberdeen to the Bahamas.

Our people make the difference and we are proud to make almost all of our own products in our manufacturing facility in Somerset, UK. You are very welcome to see our dedicated and skilled people at work making Belisha Beacons and Feeder Pillars, to book an appointment please email

We are now an ISO9001:2015 registered company for QMS.