Our collection of Specialist Insulated Digging Tools have been designed and manufactured in-house. By using the expertise of one of Britain’s leading contractor companies, we were able to source high-quality materials and create tools tailored to specific needs. Our Groundwork tools, spades and Shove Holer’s use the strongest stainless steel with insulated fibreglass handles. In doing so, we have created tools that are ideally suited to working in areas with buried electrical cables.

Effectively reducing the risk of injury and accidents on site, these professional quality tools are a cost-effective option. For contractors carrying out groundwork, they are an essential addition to your resources. Whether you’re relaying damaged tarmac, replacing broken piping or installing street lighting or Belisha Beacons by hand, these tools are designed for you. We focus on the strongest bolts and welding techniques along with durable steel and other materials to reduce the risk of twisting, snapping and bending.

For individuals tasked with the toughest jobs, our insulated digging tools provide a helping hand. They are all tested to appropriate British standards (BS EN 60900) and have a selection of handle lengths to suit your particular application. We focus on producing professional-quality tools for the modern day working with a focus on reducing the risk of injury at all times. Our tools are designed and manufactured to solve the issue your business currently faces. In the harshest of applications, they stand fast and provide years of service, durability and reliability throughout your business.

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*Please Note, all of our Ground Working Tools are a return to base Warranty Only*