IP rating 54 test of our AmberGlo

We were asked to prove our AmberGlo's are IP54 rated like we promote. Tests like this are always fun, as you can see Jake our camera man was right in the firing line..whoops! But from the results its clearly obvious that the LED (paper in this case) will stay dry even if water is directed at the Beacon from various angles including from underneath. All our galleries have a drainage hole to allow any moisture created to escape.

Destruction Test of our AmberGlo Belisha Beacon Top Section

We were asked to provide evidence of our Belisha Beacon under going a destruction test to prove it is Anti-Vandal proof like we say and promote it is.. So our MD took a scaffold pole to one to show you all.  I think its safe to say that mounted at 3 meters which is standard height for Belisha Beacons, our AmberGlo is pretty sturdy! PS one slightly used Belisha Beacon for sale at reduced price...