To compliment our Ground working tools Fisher & Company are proud to offer the new Stapledriver. Developed during the lockdown of 2020 on a cold winters day by a fed up farmer trying to fix fencing before the cows got out, this tool is made in the heart of the Somerset countryside and consists of a range of hand-held staple grips, designed to take the pain out of your thumbs, fencing and DIY needs. From chicken sheds and fruit cages, to stock fencing and straining wire, the staple driver range has a tool to suit all your U-nail needs whether that be the Hobbyist or the Countryman.

The Hobbyist

The Hobbyist is the smaller brother to the Countryman, designed to fit the smaller sized U-nails and perfect for your pocket, tool belt or work bench.  Featuring an embedded Magnet for staple selection and spring loaded ball bearing staple retention, the hardened steel driver shaft includes a staple slot for ease of loading the U-nail.  Wrapped by High density, comfortec foam grip this tool is perfect for any weather condition.



The Countryman

The Countryman truly is built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Boasting all the same features as the Hobbyist, this larger staple driver is ideal for your tractor, or truck and capable of holding the larger sizes of U staples, ideal for all your fencing needs. The Countryman has a large, rigid PVC handle with built in strike guard, as well as our standard staple retention and magnetic tip features. The Staple Driver Countryman can be used with or without gloves making those frosty morning fence repairs almost enjoyable!



*strike guard protector lip in 90mm x 100m

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Staple Driver is copyright owned by Historic Threads LTD and is currently Patent Pending.
Manufactured in Somerset, UK