This Trench Spade has been specifically manufactured for professional use and is suitable for digging through hard and stoney ground. This heavy duty spade features a 150 x 280 3mm stainless steel head which is through pinned and paired with a tightening collar to ensure stability during any job. A solid fibreglass shaft offers both lightness and durability – these Spades are ideal for even the toughest projects.

For added security and to suit projects performed on main roads, this trench spade features an insulating rubber tube. In the event the spade comes into contact with an electrical wire, the protective sleeve will absorb the shock and prevent it from reaching your hands. This enhances the safety and protection of your workers; ensuring a safe working environment at all times.

Fisher & Company™ manufacture heavy duty, insulated tools to suit the construction industry. Working with people in the trade, we re-designed traditional tools to fit in with the demands of modern work. Our insulated collection has been tested in accordance with the relevant legislation. This trench spade is compliant and tested to BS EN 60900. Whether you’re working on a large site or on smaller scale projects, it is hard wearing, long lasting and durable addition to your toolbox. If you have any questions regarding this spade, contact our friendly and helpful Sales Team today.