As we continue to move towards renewable energy sources, solar street lighting becomes an ever increasing and popular choice on the market. Taking away the need for power from the grid, these self-sufficient devices are able to capture the energy of sunlight. This powers a rechargeable battery inside that runs either a fluorescent or LED lamp throughout the entire night. Solar street lighting is traditionally fitted on a raised platform to optimise the amount of sun exposure. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are either mounted alongside the light or connected within the pole to capture said sunlight. In essence, the unit becomes mostly self-sufficient and provides a host of benefits for users.


As they are independent from the grid, solar street lights will reduce operation costs. As the user, you will not have to pay annual or monthly fees to an electricity company, choosing to generate your own power.

Lower Maintenance

Due to the lack of grid electricity and the simple design, most solar street lights require less maintenance than standard alternatives. This is mostly due to the reduction in moving parts and the durability of the parts used. Choices such as our Solar Powered Belisha Beacon’s provide years of maintenance free service – a positive benefit for businesses looking to reduce their labour expenditure.

Reduced Injury Hazard

Again, as a result of self-sufficient energy production, there is a reduction in the amount of wiring needed to install a solar street light. In turn, the risk of trip hazards and accidents during repair are minimised for both the tradesman and the public alike. Issues such as electrocution and strangulation are also reduced as a result.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar street lights make use of a renewable energy source. For this reason, they are environmentally friendly options for organisations keep to reduce their carbon footprint. The entire unit is completely dependent on sunlight rather than a depleting source, like older alternatives.

Immune to Power Cuts

With no reliability on standard electricity grids, solar street lighting ensures your roads are perfectly lit even if a power cut or grid failure occurs. They generate their own energy which is stored internally and will provide illumination throughout the entire year.

There are more and more reasons why people are leaning towards solar street lighting. Whether your roads snake through fields of towering trees or play host to rows of families, adequate street lighting keeps us all safe. Finding a successful alternative to traditional designs allows you to take more control over your business spend and ensures you get the most reliable devices for your money.