Essex Highways, A127 Lantern Upgrade

In the winter of 2016, we were approached by Richard Dimock of Essex Highways to manufacture new lantern brackets for the lantern upgrade along the A127 between Romford and Southend-on-Sea.

The lantern upgrade itself was for modernisation, upgrading from old Tungsten Lanterns to new LED Lanterns. The 2 different lantern types host completely different fitting sizes, calling for an upgrade to the brackets.

This project required a purpose made bracket to be designed in house. Liaising with Barnshaw Section Benders and Joseph Ash Galvanising, we manufactured six hundred and fifty four highly aesthetic, curved, twin arm lantern brackets for the purpose of fitting the new lanterns.

The delivery schedule was very tight and the brackets had to be delivered within this to avoid delaying the whole A127 upgrade project. Thanks to our flexibility and dedication to task, the order was delivered on time and with zero issues.

Essex Highways took delivery of the brackets throughout February and March of 2017 successfully completing the project, providing much cleaner and cost effective lighting along the A127.