When it comes to digging in sensitive areas, the need for protection is vital. Particularly when preparing streets or roads for essential works, the risk of potentially coming into contact with an electrical wire significantly increases. One of the best ways to protect both you and your workers is through the use of insulated digging tools. But what exactly are they and how do they benefit your business?

What are they?

The vast majority of metals are electrical conductors. This means that the electricity will pass through them and, potentially, straight to the hands of the user. To prevent the risk of injury, our collection of digging tools feature fully-insulated fibreglass handles which block the electricity from reaching you. They conform to all British Standards for working on or near live cables. There is little difference in look and use between these and regular digging tools, other than the brightly coloured handles and forged stainless steel heads.

How are they tested?

Most insulated hand digging tools are tested with live electricity up to 10,000 volts. On top of this, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of insulation up to 1,000 volts, ensuring they conform to the current specifications. Here at Fisher and Company, all of our insulated digging tools are tested to and conform with BS EN 60900.

What insulated tools are there?

We have a range of insulated tools, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your purpose.

  • Shove Holers – These feature a stainless-steel plate with a steel tube and heavy-duty pivot pin to eliminate the risk of twisting. The Pulwound fibreglass handles provide the insulated protection you need along with an impressive durability.
  • Rabbiting Spades – Similar to the holers, they use the same materials and have a choice of 3 different handle lengths.
  • Pick Tools – This features a solid stainless-steel chisel head with a heavy-duty fibreglass shaft and rubber grip handle for comfort.
  • Trenching and Grafting Spades – These spades also feature durable stainless-steel heads along with a tightening collar and a heavy-duty fibreglass shaft.
  • Treaded Spades – Very similar to the trenching and grafting spaces with a ‘D’ handle.
  • Tamper – These are manufactured with a mild steel tampering head and heavy-duty fibreglass shaft with rubber hand grip.

Our collection of insulated digging tools have been manufactured at the request of one of Britain’s leading contractors. As such, they are designed to serve the professional needs of busy organisations and their workers.

Contact us today for more information about any the range of tools listed above.