Column Sleeves manufactured by Fisher & Company have been individually produced to prolong the life of existing columns. Here, we present the remaining quantity from a larger order and at a fraction of the original price. This allows us to comply with your strict budgets and bring you the exceptional quality your business deserves.

Each of these column sleeves has been professionally constructed from galvanised steel. They have an 8-sided design lending itself to a variety of different building projects and have been made to withstand extreme weather conditions for many years to come. We have a total of 10 sleeves to offer out singly or in smaller groups – providing cost-effective quality.

Please see the photo below for information regarding dimension sizing. These column sleeves can be slid over wooden, metal or concrete structures. When installed correctly, they provide a tight-fitting and protective shield to support the external structure of your column. As well as improving the aesthetical finish, they are also a suitable solution for extending the lifespan of the column.

10no. available
Dimensions: 105mm A/F x 5% U/L x 500mm O/R

Price: £15 each + VAT.
Carriage will vary depending on quantity ordered please contact us for price.