We produce a wide range of purpose built Pillars and Enclosures to help your Festival and Eventing needs. From Carnival and Funfair Power Supplies to Christmas Lighting and Horse Trials, our Pillars are ideal to suit your individual outdoor power and lighting requirements.
* Specific/Bespoke sizes and internals available on request – please email info@fisherandcompany.co.uk

Some options include;

Street Lighting Control units, 24hr or 24hr and group switch timer/PEC controlled circuits


Festive Lighting units with timer and/or Photo Electric Cell (PEC) control circuits. Output voltages 24v DC, 110v AC, 240v AC. IP44 or IP67 panel socket outlets. These can be housed in a wall mountable GRP Enclosure or Feeder Pillar.


Market Pillars in Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel or GRP with 240v AC. IP44 or IP67 panel socket outlets individually protected by RCBO devices, Credit meter or Card meter options available.



Manufactured in Somerset, UK