Fisher Feeder Pillar – FFP

Heavy duty Single and Double door Fisher Feeder Pillars in 3mm and 5mm. Designed for housing multiple distribution boards and switches whilst maintaining excellent protection from the weather. We can supply as Shell Only or Pre-wired to customers specification.

3mm Fisher Feeder Pillar 1400 Painted PillarGalvanised Fisher Feeder Pillar3FFP Double Door Fisher Feeder Pillar with Viewing access via Polycarbonate windows in the doors


  • Designed to IP54.
  • Material – Manufactured from HR4 mild steel plate.
  • Hot dipped galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461.
  • Backboard – 18mm external grade plywood treated with water repellent.
  • Locks – fitted with 2 ‘Fisher’ Anti Vandal Locks (Tri-head locks available on request).
  • Doors – Hinged internally.
  • Ventilated Top.
  • Seal – fitted with water tight seal around door aperture.
  • Earth Stud – fitted as standard with a M8 brass earth bolt, nuts and washers on both body and door.
  • Hazard warning label to BS5378.

Options Available

  • Choice of finishes and colours, including G2. Take a look at the RAL colour chart at the bottom of this page.
  • Body and door earth cross bonded with 90amp copper braid.
  • Hasp and Staple.
  • Louvre Panels.
  • Vermin Mesh.

This range of Fisher Feeder Pillars are supplied with Detachable Roots and also with stainless steel fixing bolts.  In addition, Fixed Roots can be supplied on request.  Alternatively, if the size you require is not shown on the following pages please advise the size you require and we can manufacture to your specifications.

Click to download our FFP Feeder Pillars Data Sheet

3mm Range of Electrical Service Pillars

(All dimensions are approximate and in mm)

Part No.WidthDepthHeightRoot DepthBackboard w x h
3FFP250*9003501250380880 x 1000
3FFP300*7704501250380750 x 1000
3FFP350*9004501250380880 x 1000
3FFP400***9004501500380880 x 1220
3FFP450***9004501700380880 x 1500
3FFP1000102035012503801000 x 1000
3FFP1100122035012503801200 x 1000
3FFP1200152035012503801500 x 1000
3FFP1300102045012503801000 x 1000
3FFP1400122045012503801200 x 1000
3FFP1500**152045012503801500 x 1000
3FFP1550102045015003801000 x 1220
3FFP1600**185045012503801830 x 1000
3FFP1700**122045015003801200 x 1220
3FFP1800**152045015003801500 x 1220

* Single Door Sizes

** With these sizes we would recommend the use of 5mm Pillars due to possible distortion during the galvanizing process.
*** Single Door size and recommended to use 5mm.

5mm Range of Electrical Service Pillars

(All dimensions are approximate and in mm)


Part No.WidthDepthHeightRoot DepthBackboard w x h
5FFP250*9003501250380880 x 1000
5FFP300*7704501250380750 x 1000
5FFP350*9004501250380880 x 1000
5FFP400*9004501500380880 x 1220
5FFP450*9004501700380880 x 1500
5FFP1000102035012503801000 x 1000
5FFP1100122035012503801200 x 1000
5FFP1200152035012503801500 x 1000
5FFP1300102045012503801000 x 1000
5FFP1400122045012503801200 x 1000
5FFP1500152045012503801500 x 1000
5FFP1550102045015003801000 x 1220
5FFP1600185045012503801830 x 1000
5FFP1700122045015003801200 x 1220
5FFP1800152045015003801500 x 1220
5FFP1900185045015003801830 x 1220
5FFP2000152045017003801500 x 1500
5FFP2100185045017003801830 x 1500
5FFP2200230045020003802280 x 1800

* Single Door Sizes

Specific/Bespoke sizes available on request – please email
Manufactured in Somerset, UK