4w Belisha Beacon Spotlights

Part No: SL4W

The Fisher & Company™ Belisha Beacon Spotlight (Lumos-4) incorporates a super-bright LED array to effectively light up pedestrian crossings at night where ambient street lighting is too low or where higher visibility for safety is required. This is often the case in off street locations such as supermarket or shopping centres where there is little or no street lighting.

These highly efficient Belisha Beacon Spotlights consume less than 6 watts of power making them very cost efficient when compared to conventional flood lighting applications.

To request a Data Sheet please email info@fisherandcompany.co.uk

Lumos-4 Specifications

• Fisher & Company LED Belisha Beacon floodlight comes with a 2 year guarantee

• 60% saving on running costs over 5 years compared to an incandescent light

• Over 50,000 hours use before replacement required

• Up to 5 years maintenance free

• UMSUG charge code 40 0004 0009 100