We are proud to introduce our latest LED Refuge Beacon. Boasting the most up to date technology with 12 x 1 watt very bright white LED’s, one of the brightest Refuge Beacons on the market today. Comes complete with incorporated Photoelectric Cell, allowing the Refuge Unit to have an off function during daylight hours.

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High visibility with 12 watts

• Consuming only 12 watts per hour of power.

• A massive 1400 lumens

• 220v/240v AC supply

• Typical running cost based on Electricity charge of £0.085 per kwh is £9.00 pa

• Carbon per unit = 0.057 metric tonnes pa

• Available pre-wired with 5.0m of 2 core flex or with a standard 22mm bayonet cap

• Available with either a PEC or 24 Hour running, please state when ordering.

• Can be retrofitted to any column in 20 mins

• UMSUG code: 40 0012 0013 100