Leading the way in Solar Belisha Beacons.

Perfect for Car Parks, Supermarkets, Private Parks, Schools & College Campuses

Utilising our own mains Through Belisha Beacon assembly that consists of our robust Aluminium Gallery and Polyethylene Amber Globe to create a green energy version, reducing your carbon foot print

*This beacon is not suitable for installations in and around tall buildings and trees that can block the sunlight from reaching the Solar Panels and must be installed within 2 weeks of delivery*

To request a Data Sheet please email info@fisherandcompany.co.uk


Solar Powered Belisha Beacon Specifications

Part No: FSBB2016 V2

  •  Provides years of maintenance free operation
  • 6No. 1w LEDs consume 4w of power per hour – 6No. LEDs in reserve in case of LED failure
  •  300mm Amber Polyethylene Globe and robust Aluminium Gallery
  •  40watt Photovoltaic Panel
  •  2No. 12v, 14Ah Batteries housed in insulated enclosure with full on-site battery monitoring via LCD display
  •  4m purpose made column – flange mount or rooted version
  •  Auto dimming at night to save power
  •  Automatically operates 24/7/365 with 14 days autonomy
  • L70 – 80,000 hours LED Beacon, 5+ years expected battery life, can be easily replaced on site
  •  DST – Daylight Saving Time Function for the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand
  •  Zero energy and CO2 emissions
  •  Quick and easy installation
  •   Cost effective replacement for conventional mains Belisha Beacons due to cable faults/ power shortages
  •  Programmable On/Off time function – ideal for business hours operation only, off peak situations and shop open hours, etc.
  •  Flange Fixing Cover Plate – Optional


     SolarisPTM ™retrofit solar belisha beacon by fisher & Company

        Retro-fit Solar Belisha Beacon

       Part No: FSBB2016 V2 PTM

Also available in a Post Top Mount version to retro-fit existing 76mmø Zebra Posts from mains to solar. Our Solar LED Belisha Beacons are perfect for both new builds and upgrades.

“We’d like to thank Fisher & Company for their help and prompt responses and delivery when it comes to their Solar Belisha Beacon. They were quickly and easily installed on the day they were delivered. The management have all commented on how impressed they are with the service provided and the aesthetics and quality of the product.” – Andrew Yeomans, Project Engineer, Huhtamaki UK Ltd



FSBB2016 V1’s at Huhtamaki, Go

*Please note our 2 year warranty is a return to base warranty only and will be void if any damage caused by the customer to the Solar unit, Control Box or Batteries is found on inspection*
**The 2 year warranty is only valid on the Control box, Solar Panels and LED, Globe & Gallery. Batteries come with a 1 year warranty**

To request a Data Sheet please email info@fisherandcompany.co.uk
Manufactured in Somerset, UK