LED Belisha Beacons

The Fisher & Company uniquely designed LED Belisha Beacon incorporates the most up-to-date technology with 6 super bright white LEDs, making it one of the brightest Belisha Beacons on the market today. Maximum power with minimum consumption and cost effective. There is absolutely no compromise on the brightness that the LED Belisha Beacons produce. Available in two fittings – standard and bayonet cap.


LED4 -220/240v

• Consumes only 8 watts per hour of power 220v/240v AC supply

• Typical running cost with electricity charge of 0.085 per KW is £6.00 per annum

• Carbon emissions per unit equal to 0.038 metric tonnes per year compared to a standard 60W lamp which uses over 0.525 tonnes per year

• Can be retrofitted to any gallery in 20 minutes by using the nest provided.

• 50,000 hours life expectancy

• Our LED Belisha Beacon has a built-in flashing unit requiring no external flash switch

• The 12 LEDs produce 1400 lumens

• UMSUG code 79 46 005 000 100

• Available Pre-Wired with 4.0m 3 core flex or with Bayonet Cap (BC22) fitting. Edison Screw (ES27) adaptor fitting available.

LED4 -24v AC/DC

With the same spec as our 220/240v LED Beacon, this version runs from 24v and is also avaliable either pre-wired with 4.0m 2 core flex or BC22.

Please note this version is for 24v supplies, where the supply is 220/240v a driver can be supplied with the LED, please make us aware at the time of quoting.


To request a Data Sheet please email info@fisherandcompany.co.uk
Manufactured in Somerset, UK